Basic tips for taking photographs of your art to upload onto the Rtzee website

Here are a few hints and tips for taking great photographs

You can use a regular point and shoot digital camera, or if you don’t have one of those, a smart phone works well.

Use the highest quality setting if there is a choice.

Remove any glass from your artwork before taking a photograph.

Turn off the camera’s flash.

Photograph your art outside in a shady area either mid morning or mid afternoon. Avoid the middle of the day because it will be difficult to avoid shadows and also the light is harsh. Avoid taking photographs inside.

Do not photograph in direct sunlight.

If your artwork is small to medium in size stand over it to take your photograph. Try to fit the image in the viewfinder so that it lines up squarely on all four sides.

If the artwork is large, prop it up against a vertical surface and angle it slightly so you can comfortably fit it into the camera’s viewing window as squarely as possible.

If necessary, zoom your camera out slightly until you don’t see a bowing effect on the edges of your artwork. The loss in image quality is far less important than an image which is not a true rectangle.

Take at least 4 photographs of the whole artwork, so you can later choose the one which comes out with the squarest edges.

Move in and take 4-6 close up photographs of your artwork. Do not use the zoom. Make sure that you are not so close that the images end up being out of focus.

Using a photo editing software, or a smart phone, rotate your image until the top edge is as horizontal as possible. It will be difficult to get this exactly right, but pick the best image that you have.

Crop the image on all four sides as close to the edges as you can so no background is showing.

Resist the urge to automatically adjust the tone and colours of your image because the final result probably won’t end up truly reflecting the real colours of your artwork. Your artwork may look much better, but for selling artworks on the Internet you need the image to mimic the original artwork as closely as possible. If you feel confident you can tweak various colour, brightness, etc. settings so your image matches the original artwork as closely as possible.

Once you have edited your images try to only save them once. Each time you save you lose quality.

Keep your files large and upload to the Rtzee website without resizing.

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