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    Charming Poppies

    Mixed Media
    50.5cm (W) x 50.5cm (H) x 3.8cm (D)

    A meadow filled with beautiful red poppies‚ bobbing in the sun.


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  • Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef

    Acrylic on stretched canvas
    60.8cm (W) x 50.7cm (H) x 2cm (D)

    Heart Reef is found in Hardy Reef which is part of the Great Barrier Reef off the Whitsunday coast in North Queensland, Australia. It is a very famous icon of the Great Barrier Reef and visited by hundreds of thousands of people.

    Surprisingly it is very small!

    I love painting Heart Reef. There are so many ways in which it can be interpreted. This one is executed in a slightly folksy style.


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  • Howling Hound

    Oil on vintage plywood and formica
    14.5cm (W) x 24.0cm (H) x 1.7cm (D)

    All of my art works are done on recycled bits that come my way…this one was a discarded 50’s shelf with formica top (on the underside) I love the look of old wood like this and am pleased to give more character with this Basset hound that I meet regularly at the local park.


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FEATURED ARTIST | Sophie Williams

Sophie is an artist who paints with a light and skillful touch and an exuberance that manages to distill the moment to the very essence of it. Sometimes a splodge or maybe a sharp edge and somehow the very soul of the subject is captured.



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